A series of unfortunate events…

Okay, I cribbed the title from Lemony Snicket, but it does describe my past month. Without going into details that are probably boring to anyone who doesn’t know me personally (and many who do), suffice it to say that they involved a lot of paperwork and a house move, but are now (mostly) over. The upside is that now there’ll be more time to work on software and writing projects, and more office space in which to do that work.

The current version of Magic Bakeshop Sales Tracker is still (as of right now) 0.4.2, with 0.5 in progress and anticipating release this weekend.

Renovation, this year’s Worldcon, is coming up in Reno next week, and I’ll be there. I’ll have the latest version on my laptop, track me down if you want a demo. (Right now I’m not scheduled for any panels. I expect to be at the SFWA meeting on Saturday and the Codex breakfast Friday — and as many parties as I can find 😉 )

I hope to see some of you there.

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