Dean Wesley Smith on The Magic Bakery

The name “Magic Bakeshop” was inspired in part by Dean Wesley Smith’s metaphor of a Magic Bakery. He’s been updating his “Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing” blog series, and he’s just republished the chapter where he describes this metaphor in detail. Dean’s blog is always worth a read, and this installment is particularly apropos. As he puts it:

Think of us (every writer) as a huge bakery and all we make is pies. Magic pies, that seem to just reform after we sell off pieces of the pie to customers. And each pie can be divided into thousands of pieces if we want.

The Magic Pie secret ingredient is called “Copyright.”

Every story we write, every novel we write, is a magic pie full of copyright.

But go, read the whole thing.

Oh, and updated versions of the software are on the way. I’ve been making some under-the-hood changes to make some planned future enhancements easier. More on that soon.

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