In the midst of chaos…

Sorry for the long delay in updates, the past couple of months have been highly chaotic. (I won’t bore you with the details, but they involve cons, visits from kids, job changes, illness, and a book launch.)

I’ll have more before Christmas. Hang in there, and as always, if you need something quickly, email me or reply here.

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3 Responses to In the midst of chaos…

  1. Jeff Ambrose says:

    Hi Alastair —

    Just wanted to let you know that, having found out what you’re up to here, I’m VERY INTERESTED in when v0.6 is coming out, or maybe downloading an earlier version for trial. I’m sick of manual data entry.

    Send me an email if you want instead.

  2. Alastair says:

    Hi, things are still somewhat chaotic here, but I’ll make a point of putting up a usable version this weekend. I got hit by a few of what Dean Wesley Smith might call “life rolls” since mid-December (and, to be honest, goofed off a bit too over the holidays).

    Thanks for the wake-up call. 😉

  3. Another Jeff says:

    Let me just second that comment: I am drowning in ebook sales data, and really need a tool like the one you’ve developed. Great idea!

    Unfortunately, I can’t try out 0.5.3 alpha because it has expired. Until v0.6 is ready, is there any chance you could update the expiration date on the current version? Please feel free to contact me by email.

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