Version 0.5 available, changes database format

Magic Bakeshop 0.5.0 is now available on the download page. Note, the underlying database format changes in this version (more about that below), and if you open an old (0.4.x or earlier) database, this version will silently update it to the new version. This works fine in testing here, but if you have live data you don’t want to take chances with, make a backup copy of your .db file(s) first.

Why the database change? A couple of reasons, but first a bit of background. As it happens I have a few ebooks which have slightly different titles on Amazon than they do on other sites. Reason is, I started experimenting with Amazon first then added other sites later. Some of my short-story titles on Amazon include the text “(short story)” in the title (e.g. Into the Fire (short story)). Great for letting the buyer know what he or she is getting, not so great when trying to match up sales from other sites where the title is merely Into the Fire. The database change provides a method for tying different title versions together, reporting them all under a single title. (The code handles this fine; the user-friendly interface for tying two or more title versions together is still in progress.) A similar change is in place to handle pen-names, although this isn’t yet visible in the user interface.

Other changes include fixes to loading data files from Comixology and Google Books, and some cosmetic changes like updating the splash screen graphics.

As mentioned earlier, I’ll be at the Reno Worldcon later this week and next weekend. If you have questions or comments, or would like a demo, track me down there, or better yet, email me or reply here to schedule something. Cheers.

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