Version 0.4a available for download

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this version allows multiple file select for import; selection of title, vendor (seller) and/or date range for display; and summarizing by title and currency. The charting options will operate on the “current view” of the data as displayed in the table. The control area to allow this appears once you’ve
opened a database.

By the way, you can export the whole database to an Excel spreadsheet. You can also copy from the table window and paste it into a spreadsheet. (Use ctrl-C or command-C to copy the selected area, the Edit menu is not yet active.) In the charts/graphs, if you right-click you’ll get a pop-up menu which will let you print or save the chart as an image. Still working on getting that working properly for the main view.

Still working on importing the new file formats I received this week, and on documentation and help functions.

The executable file is here: MagicBakeShop-0.4a.jar

As always, please let me know if you encounter problems, inconsistencies or have suggestions for new features.

Update: I had a typo in the above link. Corrected now.

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