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Wow, things are happening quickly with this.  Forgive the appearance of this web site and blog, for now I’m just going with the default setup until I have some spare time when I’m not working on the MagicBakeshop software.  (By the way, for any of you who just wandered in off the streets rather than being directed here, what this software is about is explained best by Dean Wesley Smith here.)

The first early test version of the software is available — most of you will have probably found this blog by a reference to (or in) that version.   At this early stage of development I don’t want too many people trying it; I know it has deficiencies and quite likely bugs, and I’m working on them.  Some feedback is good – and suggestions and sample data for new formats are even better.   (Sample data can be sent to me at the support email address.   Feel free to post suggestions for new or different features in the comments section.)

I aim to have another version up in about a week, with more of the initial features complete.  I’ll announce that here.  (BTW, “I” am Alastair JW Mayer, software engineer and writer . I omit the middle initials in my fiction by-line.)

And since I own this particular microphone, I may spout off on other topics related to writing, software, writing software (in both senses), indie (indy?) sales, sales tracking, or anything else that seems related.

I will try not to bore you.  Cardinal rule of writing, and all that.

Cheers, and welcome.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the MagicBakeshop blog

  1. Terry Hayman says:

    Just some initial feedback, Alastair – downloaded and installed program no problem. Not being a database guy, had to read the pdf to get that I had to open a new database first, then import files. Had to try the import two or three times, then it worked. Imported both Amazon and Smashwords files cleanly, though very slow importing the Smashwords file. Basic view functions worked. Scroll bar not functional.

    Good start!

  2. Alastair says:

    Thanks for the comment, Terry.

    Someone else mentioned the scrollbar issue. I think I know what the problem is there, I just need to tweak a setting.

    What kind of problems were you having with the import? A program problem or just that the interface wasn’t intuitive enough?

    I’ll be speeding up the import functions when I know they’re working right (old programmer’s maxim: “make it right before you make it faster”). There’s a progress bar interface I’ll be connecting to the load so that you can see it’s working.

    Thanks again.

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