About MagicBakeshop Software

MagicBakeshop is a new company formed by principles with decades of experience in developing software for writers. Our CEO and Chief Software Architect, Alastair JW Mayer, is both an accomplished software designer/developer and a professional writer. Notable software accomplishments include:

  • Formal A multi-platform text formatting system originally developed to cope with the peculiarities of CDC mainframe computers (this was before PCs). The software was adopted by Concordia University (Montreal) for writers of papers, manuals, and collection catalogs. Another earlier adopter was the European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting. Mayer still uses the software today, on his PC, for occasional tasks other tools aren't quite up to.
  • CoSy Mr. Mayer designed and wrote most of the CoSy Conferencing System as an in-house tool at University of Guelph. McGraw-Hill recognized the benefits of the system and promptly acquired a company-wide license, using it - among other things - as the basis of the Byte magazine Information Exchange - BIX - as a forum for Byte readers and contributors. It was regularly used by such notables as Jerry Pournelle, Jim Baen, G. Harry Stine, S.M. Stirling, Steve Brust, and others, as well as the Byte editorial team. The software became widely popular at publications and universities all over the world.
Mr. Mayer's other experience in and around the industry includes stints at: Alphatext, a (long defunct) text processing and phototypesetting company; in the printshop and bindery for a regional government; and as contributing editor at Byte Magazine. He is a professional science fiction writer with stories in Analog magazine and elsewhere, and a member of SFWA. As an indie publisher he has very personal experience with the kind of problems that the MagicBakeShop sales tracker is designed to solve.

Coming soon: MagicBakeShop submission tracker, for those works aimed at traditional publishing.